Make your audience feel your video

since its launch in 2017, heyframe was built on the principle of doing more, by helping brands and organizations share their product, services, or events in a way that connects with their audience emotionally. 

Founded by Payson Wick, a talented producer, videographer & entrepreneur, heyframe has defined what it means to make intriguing and engaging digital content more accessible to organizations. By building a convincing marketing strategy through the utilization of a variety of creative methods, heyframe believes that organization’s videos shouldn’t mean anything less than content that captivates consumers. The heyframe team continues to offer new and innovative ways to cut through the online noise to ensure the success of the modern business, all while staying within your budget.

What heyframe does:

We work with organizations to develop and produce digital content that effectively showcases stories that inspired the brand and mission of an organization by building an emotional connection that goes past the business transaction. This encompasses an initial collaboration with organizations, scripting, storyboarding, on-site production, post-production, and graphic animation. Our expertise includes visual storytelling utilizing traditional videography, motion graphics, and aerial videography.

Why partner with heyframe:

Regardless of the project ahead, our team will execute your vision.  We immerse ourselves within our client’s goals and mission to create content that adequately addresses needs and wants.  The heyframe team works with you in real time to ensure that we deliver an exceptional video within your time frame, always within your budget.


Payson Wick

CEO and creative director

Payson, like most college freshmen at Drake University, struggled to find an industry that got him excited. To combat this, he began studying Entrepreneurship and Marketing with the thought that this knowledge could be applied to nearly any field where passion was found. After discovering a knack for capturing the world around him, Payson discovered a passion for finding stories and using video to tell them, and heyframe Media was born. Being the son of a career fundraiser, the motivation to focus on companies with a purpose behind their product or service, and non-profits became obvious.


Grant Menard

COO and Director of business development

Grant started his professional career working for Target Corporation in business management and operations. There he developed skills for client relationships and strategic business planning. Grant is a graduate from Drake University where he studied Marketing with a management concentration and Legal Studies. Grant's passion for people and a strong operational mindset led him to heyframe where he is able to apply both his natural ability to connect with people and his process expertise. He is a powerhouse of ambition, professionalism, and enthusiasm, and can bring a fresh and inventive perspective to any project.